What will you learn in this class?

Learning Objectives

1. understand that trigger points in certain muscles can create referred pain and/or sensation and/or muscle dysfunction in the lower back area. 

 2. understand the patho-chemistry of the trigger point complex. That the contractile element in the trigger point complex includes some lengthened sarcomeres and some shortened sarcomeres that are stuck in the biochemically altered regional trigger point complex. 

3. be able to actively demonstrate the hands-on trigger point pressure release techniques for the muscles that can refer pain into the lower back region

4. be able to incorporate the techniques demonstrated into your own manual therapy practice.

5. understand that there are many manual therapy techniques including PNF, static compression, trigger point pressure release, contract/relax/stretch, percussion and effleurage.  These techniques have the goal to lengthen muscles and promote normal resting length and reduction in pain or dysfunction.  

6. be able to identify the specific muscles and the perpetuating factors that can cause or contribute to lower back  pain.

Course Description

Lower Back pain causes untold hundreds of millions of dollars of lost productivity in the world each year. After this webinar, you will have the power in your hands to eliminate trigger points in the key muscles that can cause pain in and around the lower back area.


There are 8 muscles that can refer pain to the lower back, and some of them are not even located in the back.  So, when people have lower back pain as their primary complaint, and millions of dollars are spent on costly medical interventions to the back itself, these interventions could be unsuccessful a large % of the time! After taking this class, you will have the power and skills to be a first resort in eliminating lower back pain.


Registrants are asked to get a copy of the book Trigger Point Therapy for Lower Back Pain, By Mary Biancalana and her co-author. 2010 New Harbinger Press. Many used copies are available online for as little as $12.00. 

The live webinar format will have the instructor, Mary Biancalana showing demonstration of the techniques via Zoom camera. Then she will be guiding the group through the techniques, live, with a demo client, while you the learner are in the safety of your own home. Instructional videos will be recorded and provided as a future reference to the techniques so the student can practice again at a later time.

Are you attending via Zoom or In-Person?

Are you attending via Zoom or In-Person? If you are planning to attend, in person send an email to [email protected] with "In-Person Attendance" in the subject line and the name of the class you are attending. (We are limiting the total number of in-person learners, and will register people on a first-come basis).

 All In-Person learners will be required to wear a mask for the duration of the course. 

Important Reminders

1. You need to create your own ZOOM account prior to the webinar. 

2. Log into your account, then click "Join a Meeting" and enter in the above meeting ID# and Password.  

  • After your registration is finished, you should mark the class date and time on your calendar! 

  • You will use this log-info to enter the webinar when the time comes. Be sure to log in 10 minutes before the webinar begins.  You will be put into a "waiting room". We will start the webinar right at the top of the hour.  

  • If you don't have Zoom on your computer, Click here to go to ZOOM.us  

If you are a massage therapist or PT looking for CE's AND you CANNOT attend this whole webinar during the scheduled time frame, do not register. It will not be available to watch at a later time. This is a live-attended CEU program. You can register for any of our Pre-recorded courses.

Questions? Email: [email protected] or call my clinic # 773-628-7654

Course Information

Will this class provide me with NCBTMB continuing education hours?

Absolutely yes. Muscle Health, LLC, Mary Biancalana, and all of our listed instructors are NCBTMB approved providers of Continuing Education and our approved provider # is 451298-10. 


Will this class provide me with “Hands-on” NCBTMB continuing education hours?

Yes. NCBTMB and our State Licensing Boards have allowed live broadcast, live student participating webinars to be used as “Hands-On CE hours”. (Due to Covid-19 social distancing guidelines). You will need to be logged on and actively participating in the webinar for its entirety. You will also be required to have a “client” at your space to apply and practice the techniques. You will also be required to have a camera “on” for the demo and hands-on portions of the program so the instructor can see you and guide you to the correct application of the techniques.


 When does this class begin?

 This class is a live-broadcast webinar via Zoom scheduled to begin at 9 am CST and you can see the date scheduled in our platform.  The student will receive the ZOOM link, once they have registered for this course within this platform. It is your job to mark your calendar for the date and time at which the live webinar will be broadcast. Since this is a distant learning and live-broadcast webinar that will count as “Hands-on” CEU, the student is required to participate for the entire broadcast in order to receive the continuing education credits. (There will be a 1-hour break for lunch)


What if my internet drops out and I lose the connection to the zoom broadcast?

According to the NCBTMB requirements, in order to receive the continuing education credits, the student must be actively participating for the entire duration of the Zoom webinar. If your connection drops off, you simply need to reconnect to the original webinar address. If you have problems on the day of, email  [email protected] and we will be able to contact you. Challenges with Zoom? Call our clinic # 773-628-7654


Will I need to have a live “client” with me during the hands-on demonstration portion of this class?

Yes, each student will be required to have a live “client” with them during the zoom broadcast (from 10 am to 12 noon and from 1 pm to 3 pm) so the instructor can watch the student apply the techniques as presented by the instructor. The “client” can be a family member, friend, or anyone you feel comfortable with.


Will I receive a continuing education certificate upon completion of this course?

 We will be sending an email to you with the PDF of your Continuing Education Certificate attached within 5 business days. At the completion of the course, you will receive a PDF of your CEU Certificate attached to an email. Be sure to save this certificate, as we will charge you $20.00 if you need another copy of it at a later date. 


 Course expiration  Because this is a live broadcast, interactive Zoom webinar that will qualify as “hands-on” CE hours (due to Covid-19 restrictions), the course expires on the day and the hour in which the broadcast is over. There will not be a recording available to watch after the webinar is over. So each student needs to be actively participating for the entire duration of the zoom webinar broadcast.

NCBTMB Course Approval:

This course and the provider;  Muscle Health, LLC ( owned by Mary Biancalana) is an NCBTMB approved provider of continuing education. Our Provider number is 451298-10 

On her website, Mary Biancalana identifies her many seminars as falling under the title of Advanced Trigger Point Seminars. Mary also teaches live, hands-on seminars under the same NCBTMB Approved Provider status, so contact us if you are interested in live, in-person training courses. 

[email protected]  773-628-7654

Copyright Note: 

The material within this course and the way in which it is organized and taught as well as the image and videos of Mary Biancalana and the voice of Mary Biancalana are copyright by Muscle Health, LLC. The videos, Mary’s voice, or the description of any of the particular techniques taught in this way by Mary Biancalana cannot be taught within other for-fee seminars unless permission is requested of us and granted by Muscle Health, LLC and Mary Biancalana.  Many of our videos are for personal and public use on our YouTube channel;   Chicago Center for Myofascial Pain Relief.

Disclaimer Note:

This online training course should in no way serve as a substitute for qualified medical care. If you have pain or discomfort in any of the areas described, it is your responsibility to seek the advice of a qualified medical professional. Muscle Health LLC, Mary Biancalana, and other instructors will take not any liability for any injuries or discomfort acquired during the application of these techniques. It is your duty as the student to make your choice together with your healthcare provider as to whether or not you are healthy enough to participate in the application of these techniques included but not limited to trigger point pressure release.


In alignment with the AMTA’s online refund policy, Muscle Health, LLC will not offer any refunds 

to our online courses.